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       4th Annual West Bowie County  Back to School Bash


Plentiful Harvest located at 500 N. Merrill Street in New Boston is putting on a Back to School Bash.  There will be representatives from various child-focused programs, face painting, bounce house, balloon artist, school supplies, haircuts for kids and MORE!  Everything is FREE, FREE, FREE! Come join the fun Saturday, August 7th from 11:00AM-2:00PM.For more information call 870-571-6139.


FBC in New Boston will host their Halloween night Trunk or Treat. Dress your kids up in their favorite costumes and bring them out for some family fun, free hot dogs and chips and all the candy and prizes they can carry. The event provides a safe family environment for trick or treaters to go trunk to trunk to get some candy. It will be on Sunday, Halloween night, October 31st at 5:30-7:00PM. There will be a bounce house and an inflatable slide in addition to the trunks.

Utility bills getting out of hand?

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to keeping your monthly bills to a minimum.

☺ Keep your thermostat at a comfortable degree for you. If you need it cooler in the evening turn it down after dark and put it back to 78 first thing in the morning.

☺ If you are not going to be home for a few days put the A/C at a higher temperature.

☺ Your A/C will not cool your home to 68 degrees in the middle of the summer. All that does is keep the compressor running 24/7 and run up your bill.

☺ Keep the area around the outside AC unit clear and free of debris. Do not attempt to service it yourself. If there is a problem, call in a work order.





Weather Change In most years, October brings the first cold nights. The first time you use the heat in your home, the smell of burning dust on the heat exchanger in the furnace is normal. It’s a good idea to open a few windows and turn the heat on for a few minutes before you need it. The burning dust will sometimes set off the smoke alarms that’s no fun in the middle of the night.

weatehr change.png

Food Truck Expo

October 22-23

The New Boston Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Food Truck Expo on Friday and Saturday along with a Halloween Costume Contest, Cake Walk, Trunk or Treat, and many other fun activities. Judging for the Costumes will start at 6:00PM Saturday with the winners declared at 7:00PM. For a fun-filled family night, come to New Boston and enjoy a night out on the town and choose your own restaurant food vendor.


Change in Website/Email Addresses: All management emails and website will be changed as of August 1, 2021.  Please make those changes to your address book. The new website address is and the email addresses for each employee will be such as

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Dog bite injuries can happen anywhere at any time, but there are several things that make Halloween night one of the most potentially dangerous when it comes to being attacked by a dog. It's easy to understand that a usually well-behaved dog can be scared by the doorbell ringing and people yelling trick or treat, along with the startling, loud noises from fireworks. You may have the gentlest dog in the world, but you never know when the sight or scent of a group of strangers, especially in costume, could agitate them to the point of charging and attacking someone. Please keep that in mind this Halloween and keep your pet secured in your home, even if you need to keep it in a separate room.

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Little Country Greenhouse 

It’s here! The best season of all, FALL! If the thought of apple cider, orange leaves, cooler weather and cozy flannel shirts isn’t enough to get you excited for autumn, the Little Country Greenhouse‘s pumpkin patch will. No fee to enter. Opens at 8:00AM-6:00PM, Monday-Saturday, and 9:00AM-4:00PM on Sunday. Take your camera and get pictures of the family while enjoying the different variety of pumpkins.


Policy Reminders

· Rent is due on the 1st day of the month. A late fee will be charged to your account on the next workday after the 5th.

· Be sure the office always has a working phone number or e-mail for you.

· If you place a work order, please remember to leave your screen door unlocked. Maintenance cannot enter your apartment to perform repairs if your screen door is locked.

· All resident vehicles must have parking stickers, if you do not have one, please submit proof of insurance, a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration to the Central Office.

· Pets must be registered at the Central Office.

· No loud music is to be played at any time, day or night.

· No smoking inside the apartments or common areas.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The best protection is early detection. Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. Join us on October 22 for wear it pink day.


 Monthly Reminder

Rent is due on the 1st day of the month. A late fee will be charged to your account on the next workday after the 5th. Please pay your rent on time to avoid the late charges.

Vital Email Communication If you do not have an email or don’t read yours, you are missing out on a bunch of information.  If you are not receiving these Email Blasts, please contact Andy Craytor 903-628-2951 or, to be added. If you don’t have an email, you can use one for your family member or friend who will get the info to you. If you want an email but not sure how to get one, contact Andy and she can walk you through the easy process.

Cal Davis, Executive Director


Phone: 903-628-2951

Fax: 903-628-8001


After Hours Maintenance: 903-278-5477


Emergency:  911– Ask for New Boston 

Centerpoint Energy:  1-800-259-5544

AEP (SWEPCO):  1-877-373-4585