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Properties for Rent


We have been your neighbor for over seventy years and no one knows New Boston better than New Boston Property Management. Our growing inventory of properties for rent reflects the diversity of our vibrant community.

The list below provides an overview of our current rental properties for individuals and families. To find out more about a particular property, see the information below or contact us here or call us at 903-628-2951.



Dogwood, Link, Corley and Oak Family


Dogwood Plaza is a neighborhood consisting of forty 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments.  Newly refurbished in 2010, these apartments have a playground and have easy access to businesses. 


Link Homes is a quiet neighborhood that has fifty 1-bedroom apartments for singles and elderly. 


Corley Homes is a neighborhood of 50 family and single apartments located in the northwest section of New Boston consisting of a playground, pavilion and Community Center.  


Oak Family consists of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments throughout New Boston.

Oak Terrace & Wilson Homes


Oak Terrace is designated for persons who are elderly or have a handicap, or disability.  Located in a quiet area, with a community pavillion, residents get to know each other through neighborhood gatherings, meals, and other socials.


Wilson Homes is exclusively for residents 62 years and older.  This small neighborhood family is located in a peaceful environment great for a relaxing retirement.

Wortham Circle


Wortham Circle is a Rural Development program with twenty-eight multi-family apartments with laundry facilities and playground located in a quiet area at the edge of town.  This cul-de-sac neighborhood enjoys their surroundings.

Use Google Street Views to tour the areas surrounding our properties.


Income Based

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