About NETX Properties



The mission of NETX Properties is to provide decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing for eligible elderly and families and promote self-sufficiency and economic independence for residents. The officers and employees of the NETX Properties strive to provide an exceptional living environment for all residents with the assistance of law enforcement and residents through our Neighborhood Watch Programs. 


As one of the largest property management agencies in northeast Texas, NETX  Properties prides itself with professional staff that comprises a winning team wherever they are working. Being involved in so many activities around the region is a key element in making NETX Properties such a big part of the local communities. Giving back to the community is our heart.

Smoke-Free Housing is a wave of the future in successful housing programs. Hazards for non-smokers include second-hand smoke and the possibility of cigarettes starting a building fire. NETX Properties adopted a Smoke-Free Policy in April 2013 to bring a healthier atmosphere for all residents. Check out the YouTube videos from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Providence Housing Authority which wraps it up quite nicely. 



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Board of Commissioners 

Resident Advisory Board 

Jeanita McIntyre



   Carmine Smith                       Joy Smith

          Vice Chairperson                                              Commissioner

      Jeff Edens                            Nina Hegler

            Commissioner                                           Resident Commissioner


Administrative Team

Brant Allen              Sherri Mayo

               Deputy Director                          Finance Director

         Kristy Gerrald         Andy Craytor

              Occupancy Specialist                 Administrative Assistant

              Patti Chisum            Debbie Mobley 
               Lease Enforcement Officer       Finance Assistant                                                

              Kaylee McCarty  

              Occupancy Assistant     


Maintenance Team

Skip Crawford

Maintenance Director

Executive Director


Currently suspended


    Charles Bonham     David Hollins

     Thomas Spall          Bruce Sims II   


     J.L. Jennings           Debra Rogis

     Andrew Burt